2020 FAR/AMT  eBook: single file, fully searchable,  includes complete Part 25

2020 FAR/AMT eBook

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The complete 2020 FARs for AMTs are presented as an easy to use single file .pdf eBook, extensively bookmarked, searchable, and printable with all FAA updates through July 25, 2019. There is no easier way to access the information you need as you need it.

The complete FARs for Aircraft Maintenance Technicians including the complete Part 25, makes this the most complete FARs for AMTs available.

This eBook edition is presented as a single combined .pdf file making the entire set of AMT regulations fully usable and searchable on a single screen. It is web optimized, printable, and extensively pre-bookmarked for quick and easy use.

Sections included are:
FAR Parts 1, 3, 5, 13, 21, 23, 26, 27, 33, 34, 35, 39, 43, 45, 47, 48, 65, 91, 110, 119, 121 (J, L, Z, AA, DD), 125, 135, 145, 147, and 183.

Advisory Circulars 20-62E, 20-109A, 21-12C, 39-7D, 43-9C, 43.9-1F, 65-30A, and FAA-G-8082 11C, (IA Test Guide), 8082-19 (IA Information guide).

All changes and updates since last edition are clearly marked.

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Federal Aviation Regulations:
Part 1 - Definitions & Abbreviations
Part 3 - General Requirements
Part 11 - General Rulemaking Procedure
Part 21 - Certification procedures for parts & products
Part 23 - Airworthiness Standards: normal, Utility, Acrobatic, and Commuter category Airplanes
Part 25 - Airworthiness Standards: Transport Category Aircraft
Part 26 - Continued Airworthiness and Safety Improvements for Transport Category Airplanes
Part 27 - Airworthiness stds: normal category rotorcraft
Part 33 - Airworthiness standards: Aircraft engines
Part 34 - Fuel venting and exhaust emission requirements
Part 35 - Airworthiness standards: Propellers
Part 39 - Airworthiness Directives
Part 43 - Mainten., Preventative maint., rebuilding & alter.
Part 45 - Identification and Registration marking
Part 47 - Aircraft registration
Part 48 - Registration and Marking requirements for Small Unmanned Aircraft
Part 65 - Certific: airmen other than flight crew members
Part 91 - General operating and flight rules
Part 119 - Certific: Air carriers and commercial operators
Part 120 - Drug & Alcohol Testing
Part 121 - Operations: domestic; flag; supplemental
Part 125 - Operations: a/c seating more than 20 passengers
Part 135 - Operations: commuter and on-demand operations
Part 145 - Repair stations
Part 147 - Aviation Technician schools
Part 183 - Representatives of the administrator

Advisory Circulars:
AC 20-62E - Eligibility, quality, id of replacement parts
AC 20-109A - Service difficulty program (General Aviation)
AC 21-12C - Application for US Airworthiness Cert, FAA form 8130-6
AC 39-7D - Airworthiness directives
AC 43-9C - Maintenance records
AC 43.9-1F - Instructions for completion of FAA form 337, Major repair and alteration
AC 65-30A - Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic's Cert Info

Inspection Authorization Knowledge Test Guide (IAKTG):
FAA-G-8082-11C (new C edition)
FAA-G-8082-19 IA Information Guide


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