AeroElectric Connection, by Bob Nuckolls

AeroElectric Connection

by Bob Nuckolls

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Guide to Theory, Operation, Design and Fabrication of Aircraft Electrical Systems. 12th edition adds chapters on Batteries and Alternators.

AeroElectric Connection, by Bob Nuckolls is the number one resource for the design, installation, or restoration of an aircraft electrical system in homebuilt and restored aircraft. It is complete, thorough, and easy to understand. It is basic enough for the beginner with little electrical experience yet indepth enough for the seasoned technician who wants to update his/her knowledge to today's levels.

No home builder or technician involved in aircraft electrical work should be without it. Highly Recommended!

Sample schematics for various application are included.

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1 Direct Current and Wiring Fundamentals
2 Batteries
3 Engine Driven Power Sources
4 Voltage Regulators
5 Grounding
6 Over Voltage Protection
7 Electrical System Instrumentation
8 Wire Selection and Installation
9 Wire Termination and Connectors
10 Circuit Protection
11 Switches, Relays and Contactors
12 Lighting and Lighting Controls
13 Antennas and Feedlines
14 Temperature Measurement
15 Electro-magnetic Compatibility (Noise)
16 Aircraft Electrical System Reliability
17 Audio Systems
Appendix Z - Power Distribution Diagrams.

Reader Review by Sam Buchanan, Van's Aircraft:

Many RV builders, even those of us who have some background in electrical stuff, take a deep breath when we contemplate wiring our RV project. This is an undertaking we want to get right the first time! Few things are more discouraging than letting the smoke escape from a freshly wired panel the first time power is applied. Once the smoke is released, it is replaced only with great difficulty, and the confidence factor in the new panel is lowered several notches.

The AeroElectric Connection is a great collection of articles from the fertile mind of Bob Nuckolls. His book, which contains not only tips for fabricating aircraft wiring, but also the theory behind the scenes. For some readers (the folks who never read an instruction manual...), the book may be a bit too heavy on theory. But for most of us, a basic understanding of the "why" of electrical systems helps us recognize and diagnose glitches when they occur. Theoretical knowledge is also necessary if we wish to modify a system. So while the explanations of electrical theory may be tedious to some, they are highly recommended reading.

There is plenty of good ol' everyday information provided, however. The electrical system and its components are a mystery to many pilots, and a reading of this book will eliminate many of the short circuits. A glance at the table of contents shows some of the topics covered:

  • Batteries
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Wire Selection
  • Circuit Protection
  • Switches, Relays, and Contactors
  • Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • And much more!
    • Each chapter begins with a basic primer on the wheres and wherefores of the devices to be discussed, then progresses into a discussion of how this info fits into the electrical scheme of our planes. Bob drops several interesting tidbits from his long exposure to aviation electrics, and generally does a good job of removing the mystery of electrical systems. An example of an esoteric anecdote is found in the "Electrical System Instrumentation" chapter. Did you know that early Lear jets had some problems with gauge needles sticking due to the lack of vibration in the cockpits? The designers had to install "panel shakers" to enable the early instruments to perform as designed for use in piston-powered planes. Cool.

      One of the most useful chapters for me was the discussion of the relatively new RG batteries. There is a lot of misinformation floating around about the care and feeding of these new-technology units. Another interesting section concerns the use of "fusible links". While common in automobiles, I haven't seen much about their use in aircraft.

      Numerous diagrams are provided to illustrate the principles being explored. The illustrations are well-drawn, and are sufficient to prepare the reader to decipher the wiring diagrams at the end of the book. Speaking of which, several architectural wiring diagrams are provided that are applicable to the simplest aircraft all the way to multi-engined birds. Each of the these diagrams incorporate Nuckoll's trademark "essential bus" which is a feature that provides power to basic instruments and radios even if the battery contactor fails. I found the examination of this feature to be most enlightening as I contemplated how to design a system that had as much redundancy as possible while eliminating single point failures and keeping the whole thing fairly simple.

      As previous readers of Bob's articles already know, his views are regarded by some as a bit unconventional; However, he goes to great length to explain the "why" behind the innovative features of his wiring architecture.

      For people who build airplanes, education is powerful and essential. All pilots realize the consequences of serious electrical problems in-flight, and the necessity of fabricating reliable wiring is recognized by most builders. This book will help you understand how to wire your project so it will perform reliably for a long time. I consider the hours spent with The AeroElectric Connection to be time well spent, and no doubt I will use it for a reference many times in the future.

      Highly Recommended!

      -Sam Buchanan


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