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SkuTitlePublisherAuthorISBNPricePublisher ID
act00227 Years of the RVatorAircraft Technical Book Co. 0977489663$22.95 
act008AC 43.13 1B/2B Acceptable MethodsAircraft Technical Book Co., FAA 9780977489695$16.95AC 43.13-1B,
AC 43.13-2B
act009Ace The Technical Pilot InterviewMcGraw-HillGary Barstow9780071793865$30.00 
act010Advanced AerobaticsMcGraw-HillGeza Szurovy9780071638999$29.950070633029
act015Advanced Composite TechniquesAeronaut PressZeke Smith9780964282841$34.95 
act017Aerodynamics Naval AviatorsUnited States NavyH.H. Hurt, Jr. $21.95NAVWEPS 00-80T-80
act018AeroElectric Connection Bob Nuckolls $19.95 
act020Aircraft Ownership Legal and Tax GuideMcGraw-Hill 9780071407649$55.00 
act021Comprehensive Reference Guide to Airfoil SectionsAviation Publications 0879940387$21.95 
act022Airplane DesignCrawford AviationDonald R. Crawford0960393412$23.95 
act023Airplane Flying HandbookFAA  $14.95H-8083-3A
act024Kitplanes Magazine Issue May 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act025Welding GuidelinesJeppesenWilliam H. Kielhorn9780891000761$19.95EA-WB-1
act030FAR/AMT 2015 1/2 eBookFAA 9780989754798$14.95 
act041Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act049Aviation Instructor's HandbookFAA 9781560277491$14.958083-9A
act050Aviation Maintenance ManagementMcGraw-HillHarry A. Kinnison9780071805025$65.00 
act055Avionics FundamentalsJeppesen, United Airlines 9780884874324$28.9510001381-001,
act057Avionic Systems Operation & MaintenanceJeppesenJames W. Wasson9780891004363$40.9510001364-001,
act062Avionics Troubleshooting and RepairMcGraw-HillEdward Maher9780071364959$55.000071364951
act063Things My Flight Instructor Never Told Me Michael Leighton9780976089803$17.95 
act064Airport Planning & ManagementMcGraw-HillAlexander T. Wells, Seth B. Young9780071750233$70.00 
act065Aircraft Accident InvestigationEndeavor BooksRobert Sweginnins, Richard Wood9781892944177$69.95 
act069Basic AerobaticsMcGraw-HillGeza Szurovy9780070629264$32.000070629269
act070Aircraft Fluid Power SystemsEndeavor BooksBill L. Tucker9780965370653$44.95 
act071How to Fly Airplanes Robert Reser9780988624900$22.95 
act072Composite BasicsAircraft Technical Book Co.Andy Marshall $26.95 
act073The Absolute Beginners Guide to Becoming a Pilot Jason Dearn9781445212807$28.95 
act075Garmin 295 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act076Introduction to Aircraft Flight Test EngineeringJeppesenHubert C. Smith9780891002253$16.4992-33592,
act077Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2012Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act078Best of AMJ Maintenance TipsJeppesen 9780891003410$16.4910001366-001,
act082Best of AMT MagazineAircraft Technical Book Co.  $26.95 
act084Basic Flight PhysiologyMcGraw-HillRichard Reinhart MD9780071494885$65.00 
act085Mathematics for Aviation MaintenanceAircraft Technical Book Co. 9780989754729$25.95 
act087FAA-H-8083-31 Airframe Volume 1 and 2Aircraft Technical Book Co.  $39.95 
act088Aircraft Repair The Missing ManualSacramento Sky RanchJohn Schwaner $10.95 
act089The Killing ZoneMcGraw-HillPaul A. Craig9780071798402$30.00 
act090Spanish / English Aeronautical DictionaryWayman Pilot Supplies 9789972937910$29.95 
act091FAA-8083-31-ATB Vol. 2 A&P Airframe HandbookAircraft Technical Book Co., FAA 9780983865827$22.959780983865827
act093Aviation Survival SenseEmergency Response InternationalBrett C. Stoffel, Robert Stoffelnone$28.75 
act094Illustrated Buyers Guide to Used AirplanesMcGraw-HillBill Clark9780071639026$52.00 
act095Kitplanes Magazine Issue March 2009Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act097Mastering Instrument FlyingMcGraw-HillSherwood Harris, Henry Sollman0070596905$37.95 
act102Kitplanes Magazine Issue January 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act103Aircraft Electrical Systems for Single & Twin EnginesJeppesenJ.E. Bygate9780891003571$16.95JS312664
act104General WorkbookAircraft Technical Book Co.Michael Leasure, Thomas Wild9780977489688$13.959780977489688
act104General WorkbookAircraft Technical Book Co.Michael Leasure, Thomas Wild9780977489688$13.959780977489688
act105Aircraft SystemsMcGraw-HillDavid A. Lombardo9780071639002$42.00 
act106Understanding Mathematics for Aircraft NavigationMcGraw-HillJames Wolper9780071375726$44.00 
act107Airplane RiggingAircraft Technical Book Co. Vex Aviation0977489655$21.95 
act109Garmin 396 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act110Garmin 495/496 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act113Lowrance AirMap 600C ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act114Lowrance AirMap 2000C ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act115Aeronautical Chart User's GuideASA 9781619541146$7.95ASA-CUG-12
act119Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act120Corrosion Control for AircraftFAA  $4.95AC 43-4A
act122FAR/AIM 2015 1/2FAA  $12.95 
act123Garmin G1000ZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act125Reviewing Techniques for Low Time IFR Pilots Jose Valazquez $29.95 
act127Using Aeronautical ChartsMcGraw-HillTerry Lankford0071391177$26.95 
act133Composite Facts Sonja Englert0975298402$29.95 
act134Construction of Tubular Steel FuselagesAircraft Technical Book Co. Vex Aviation0977489604$21.95 
act135Advanced Airmanship Precision FlyingCCH Publishing Co.Les Kumpulapending$31.45 
act140Weight-Shift Control Aircraft Flying HandbookFAA none$12.95H-8083-5
act141Garmin GNS 430W ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act142Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2009Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act144How to Fly an Airplane Rod Machado9780985932848$44.95 
act145Kitplanes Magazine Issue August 2008Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act147Kitplanes Magazine Issue April 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act149Garmin GNS 480 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act151Aircraft SafetyMcGraw-HillShari Stanford Krause9780071433938$42.00 
act153Kitplanes Magazine November 2009 IssueKitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act154Kitplanes Magazine Issue May 2009Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act156DC CircuitsJeppesenStan Rosen9780891001218$18.49JS312635
act157Designated Pilot Examiner's HandbookFAA  $18.708710.3D
act158Aircraft Detail Design ManualAviation Publications 0877940115$18.95 
act160King KLN 900 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act161Efficient Powerplant Installation Sonja Englert0975298410$29.95 
act162Garmin GNS 530W ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act163Electrical Systems for A&PsJeppesen 9780891004127$24.9510001380-001,
act165Electronic Circuit DevicesJeppesen 9780891001928$19.95JS312663
act166Basic ElectronicsMaster PublishingAlvis J. Evans, Gene McWhorter9780945053224$22.95 
act167Basic Communications ElectronicsMaster PublishingJack Hudson, Jerry Luecke9780945053248$22.95 
act168Basic Digital ElectronicsMaster PublishingAlvis J. Evans9780945053231$22.95 
act169Basic Electronics SeriesMaster Publishing  $65.40 
act173Kitplanes Magazine Issue February 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act175Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act178FAA-8083-32-ATB A&P Powerplant HandbookAircraft Technical Book Co., FAA 9780983865834$22.959780983865834
act179FAA-8083-31-ATB Vol. 1 A&P Airframe HandbookAircraft Technical Book Co., FAA 9780983865810$22.959780983865810
act180FAA-8083-30-ATB A&P General HandbookAircraft Technical Book Co., FAA 9780977489671$22.959780977489671,
FAA H-8083-30
act180FAA-8083-30-ATB A&P General HandbookAircraft Technical Book Co., FAA 9780977489671$49.959780977489671,
FAA H-8083-30
act194FAR/AIM 2015 1/2 + 2016FAA  $16.95 
act195Flight Navigator HandbookFAA  $18.95H-8083-18
act196Planning and Design of AirportsMcGraw-HillRobert Horonjeff, Francis McKelvey9780071446419$130.00 
act198Kitplanes Magazine Issue September 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act200Kitplanes Magazine Issue August 2013Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act201General Familiarization Boeing 777AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann $189.00 
act201General Familiarization Boeing 777AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann $249.00 
act202FCC Regulatory Library   $16.95 
act209Kitplanes Magazine May 2012Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act210Guide for Aviation Medical ExaminersFAA  $14.95 
act211Commercial Aviation SafetyMcGraw-HillClarence C. Rodrigues, Alexander T. Wells9780071763059$55.00 
act214Helicopter Instructor's HandbookFAA  $16.95 
act216The Instrument Landing System Explained Matt Johnson9780979263811$12.95 
act221Flying the Aeronca Robert Livingstonnone$17.95 
act223PTS Glider PilotFAA  $4.958081-S-22,
act228Advanced Avionics HandbookFAA 9781941144053$12.95H-8083-6
act232Flying the MountainsMcGraw-HillFletcher Anderson9780071410533$35.000071410538
act234The Right SeatAircraft Technical Book Co.Avram Goldstein0938013017$5.95 
act237Kitplanes Magazine Issue January 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act238Aircraft Fuel Metering SystemsJeppesen 9780891000570$14.95JS312650B
act241Gas Turbine Engines for Pilots and MechanicsJeppesenR.E. Birch9780884872948$29.9510001872,
act242Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2013Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act243General Familiarization MD-80 SeriesAeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Cliff Launius, Steve Oebermann0977129705$85.00 
act243General Familiarization MD-80 SeriesAeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Cliff Launius, Steve Oebermann0977129705$126.00 
act244General Familiarization Boeing 747 - 100/200/300AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann0977129713$115.00 
act244General Familiarization Boeing 747 - 100/200/300AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann0977129713$160.00 
act245General Familiarization Boeing 747 - 400AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann0977129721$145.00 
act245General Familiarization Boeing 747 - 400AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann0977129721$195.00 
act246General Familiarization Boeing 757AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Cliff Launius, Steve Oebermann097712973x$125.00 
act246General Familiarization Boeing 757AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Cliff Launius, Steve Oebermann097712973x$170.00 
act247General Familiarization CRJ 700-900AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann0977129764$125.00 
act247General Familiarization CRJ 700-900AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann0977129764$170.00 
act251PTS - Private Power Parachute & Weight Shift ControlFAA  $4.95S 8081 32
act257U.S. Navy Electric & Electronics Training Course   $20.95 
act260Aircraft Maintenance & RepairMcGraw-HillFrank Delp, Michael J. Kroes9780071801508$90.00 
act261Aircraft Basic ScienceMcGraw-HillMichael J. Kroes, James R. Rardon9780071799171$90.00 
act262Aircraft PowerplantsMcGraw-HillMichael J. Kroes, Thomas Wild9780071799133$80.00 
act263Home Study Flight InstructionAircraft Technical Book Co.  $5.95 
act264Aircraft Electricity & ElectronicsMcGraw-HillThomas K. Eismin9780071799157$80.00 
act266Anatomy of a SpinAircraft Technical Book Co.John Lowerynone$5.95 
act268Mountain FlyingAircraft Technical Book Co.Sparky Imeson0934754020$5.95 
act270Garmin 196 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act271Garmin 296 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act272Garmin GNS 430 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act273Garmin GNS 530 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act274Kitplanes Magazine Issue September 2013Kitplanes MagazinePhil Dixon, Sherwood Harris $6.95 
act275King KLN 89B/94 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $40.45 
act279SPORT PILOT Practical Test StandardsFAA  $4.95S-8081-30
act280Handling In-Flight EmergenciesMcGraw-HillJerry A. Eichenberger9780071376037$47.000071376038
act282Instrument Pilot's Handbook Rod Machado9780982356043$49.95 
act283Helicopter Design and Data ManualAviation PublicationsStanley Dzik0879940107$11.50 
act286Helicopter Maintenance Study GuideJeppesenJoe Schafer9780891002703$19.9510001777-001,
act287Helicopter MaintenanceJeppesenJoe Schafer9780884874447$27.9510001372-001,
act290Homebuilt Aerodynamics and Flight Testing Sonja Englert0975298429$29.95 
act292How to Paint Your Own AirplaneEAARon Alexandernone$19.95 
act298Controlling Pilot Error: Controlled Flight into TerrainMcGraw-HillDaryl R. Smith9780071374118$24.00 
act300Kitplanes Magazine Issue February 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act304Aircraft Ignition & Electrical Power SystemsJeppesen 9780891000631$14.95JS12656B
act305Sport Pilot Handbook Rod Machado9780982356081$44.95 
act306Analytical Troubleshooting in Aircraft MaintenanceMaintenance SynergiesJames Dors9780986686108$32.95 
act309Aircraft Wiring and Electrical BondingAircraft Technical Book Co. 9780983865803$18.95AC 21-99 (0)
act312Controlling Pilot Error: CommunicationsMcGraw-HillPaul E. Illman9780071373173$21.95 
act313Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act317Aviation Safety The Human FactorEndeavor BooksRobert Alkov PhD9780965370639$29.95 
act319Aircraft Inspection & Maintenance RecordsJeppesen 9780884873198$22.9510001932-001,
act320Kitplanes Magazine Issue March 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act322PTS - Recreational PilotFAA  $4.95 
act327Kitplanes Magazine Issue April 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act335Risk Management HandbookFAA  $9.95H-8083-2
act336Instrument FlyingMcGraw-HillRichard Taylor9780070633452$32.00 
act338Instrument Flying HandbookFAA  $17.95H-8083-15B
act340Instrument Procedures HandbookFAA  $21.958083-16,
act341Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2012Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act342Instrument Survival Manual Rod Machado9780982356050$29.95 
act350Aircraft Instruments and AvionicsJeppesenMax F. Henderson9780891004226$27.9510001363-001,
act352Kitplanes Magazine Issue May 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act354Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants WorkbookJeppesenCharles E. Otis9780884875543$19.9510001341-003,
act358KITPLANES Fabric SeriesKitplanes MagazineRon Alexander $19.95 
act371PTS - Flight Engineer   $4.95FAA-S-8081-21
act372PTS - Parachute RiggerFAA  $4.95S-8081-25B
act373Kitplanes Magazine Issue March 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act374Rod Machado's Plane Talk Rod Machado9780982356036$24.95 
act378Kitplanes Magazine Issue September 2012Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act379Kit Airplane ConstructionMcGraw-HillRonald J. Wanttaja9780071639071$45.00 
act383Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act393PTS Private Balloon and AirshipFAA  $6.958081-S-17,
act401Kitplanes Magazine Issue August 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act403Kitplanes Magazine Issue October 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act404PTS - Airline Transport Pilot HelicopterFAA  $4.95S-8081-20
act411Sport, Recreational & Private Pilot Computer Test SupplementFAA  $5.95CT-8080-2F
act412General Familiarization Boeing 767AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.  $125.00 
act412General Familiarization Boeing 767AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.  $170.00 
act413Kitplanes Magazine Issue May 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act414Ultralight TrainingCanuck West HoldingsDale Nielsen $46.95 
act415Kitplanes Magazine Issue November 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act416Kitplanes Magazine Issue April 2009Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act419Piloting Basics HandbookMcGraw-HillLewis Bjork0071361049$49.95 
act421Fundamentals of Aircraft Material FactorsJeppesenCharles E. Dole9780891003403$21.95JS312646
act422Mathematics & Physics For Aviation PersonnelJeppesenCharles E. Dole9780891003991$19.49JS312619
act423Mazda Rotary Aircraft Conversion Guide Tracy Crook $32.95 
act426Standard Aviation Maintenance HandbookJeppesen 9780884873242$18.9510001386-002,
act429Survival Sense for Pilots & PassengersEmergency Response InternationalPatrick LaValla, Robert Stoffel0913724246$19.95 
act433Kitplanes Magazine Issue January 2014Kitplanes MagazinePhil Dixon, Sherwood Harris $6.95 
act436Multi-Engine FlyingMcGraw-HillPaul A. Craig9780071421393$49.00 
act442Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act444Nondestructive TestingJeppesenDouglas Latia9780884873020$33.9510001371-001,
act445Nondestructive & Ultrasonic Testing for AircraftFAA  $9.95 
act446Try a FREE eBook   $0.00 
act447Kitplanes Magazine Issue October 2013Kitplanes MagazinePhil Dixon, Sherwood Harris $6.95 
act450Kitplanes Magazine Issue August 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act451Better Takeoffs and LandingsMcGraw-HillMichael C. Love9780070388062$34.95 
act455Kitplanes Magazine Issue February 2009Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act459Kitplanes Magazine Issue November 2013Kitplanes MagazinePhil Dixon, Sherwood Harris $6.95 
act460Kitplanes Magazine Issue March 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act461Beyond The CheckrideMcGraw-HillHoward Fried9780070224681$30.00 
act462Working Healthy and Working Healthy - SolventsAircraft Technical Book Co.James Allen, MD, MPH9781892451569$35.95 
act467Business and Corporate Aviation ManagementMcGraw-HillJohn J. Sheehan978007143007$59.00 
act470Kitplanes Magazine Issue September 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act472General Familiarization CF6-80 EnginesAeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann $50.00 
act472General Familiarization CF6-80 EnginesAeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann $72.00 
act475Professional Pilot's Career GuideMcGraw-HillRobert Mark9780071485531$32.00 
act479Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical KnowledgeFAA  $18.75H-8083-25A
act480How to PinstripeMotorbooksAlan Johnson9780760327494$19.95 
act489PTS - Commercial PilotFAA  $4.95S-8081-12C
act490PTS - Aviation MechanicFAA  $7.95S-8081-26, 27, 28
act492PTS - Private - AirplaneFAA  $4.95S-8081-14
act494PTS - Instrument RatingFAA  $4.95S-8081-4E
act495Aviation WeatherFAA  $7.95AC00-6A
act496Aviation Weather ServicesFAA 9781619542617$18.95AC00-45G
act503Garmin G300 ManualZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act504Garmin G900XZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $49.45 
act506Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2009Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act511Kitplanes Magazine Issue May 2013Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act512Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2013Kitplanes MagazineJeffery Forrest, Jeffery Price $6.95 
act518Rod Machado's Private Pilot Handbook Rod Machado9780963122995$49.95 
act519Private Pilot Workbook Rod Machado9780963122971$19.95 
act521Pre-Solo ExamProFlight  $3.95 
act526Kitplanes Magazine Issue October 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act531Helicopter Aerodynamics #1Eagle Eye Solutions, LLCRay W. Prouty9780557089918$46.95 
act532Cyclic and CollectiveEagle Eye Solutions, LLCShawn Coyle9780557090662$40.95 
act534Helicopter Aerodynamics #2Eagle Eye Solutions, LLCRay W. Prouty9780557090440$37.95 
act535Propeller Making for the Amateur Eric Clutton $12.95 
act539Radar & Satellite Weather Interpretation for PilotsMcGraw-HillTerry Lankford0071391185$43.95 
act540The Pilot's Radio Communications HandbookMcGraw-HillPaul E. Illman9780070318328$34.95 
act541Aircraft Radio SystemsJeppesenJames Powell9780891003564$27.95JS312659A
act542Aircraft Reciprocating EnginesJeppesen 9780891000754$17.49JS312649B
act553Kitplanes Magazine Issue December 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act554Kitplanes Magazine Issue November 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act555Kitplanes Magazine Issue October 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act556Kitplanes Magazine Issue September 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act557Kitplanes Magazine Issue August 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act558Kitplanes Magazine Issue July 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act559Kitplanes Magazine Issue June 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act560Tips and Tricks For Aircraft Homebuilders Sonja Englert0975298488$29.95 
act561Garmin G1000WZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $49.45 
act564KITPLANES Composites SeriesKitplanes MagazineBob Fritz $19.95 
act566Human Factors for Aviation MaintenanceAircraft Technical Book Co. 9780989754471$29.95 
act567Kitplanes Magazine Issue December 2010Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act568A Pilot's Guide to Safe FlyingmCOVE ResourcesSander Vandeth9780980564808$29.95 
act569Kitplanes Magazine Issue December 2013Kitplanes MagazinePhil Dixon, Sherwood Harris $6.95 
act575Seaplane, Skiplane Operations HandbookFAA  $11.95H-8083-23
act577Propellers and Propeller SystemsAircraft Technical Book Co.Helenic Aviation Training Academy9780989754705$25.95 
act578Aircraft Sheet MetalJeppesenNick Bonacci9780891002960$19.9510001368-001,
act579Kitplanes Magazine Issue November 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act581Kitplanes Magazine Issue May 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act582Kitplanes Magazine Issue April 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act583The $100 HamburgerMcGraw-Hill 9780071479257$33.00 
act584Sky Ranch Engine ManualAircraft Technical Book Co.John Schwaner9780983865896$21.95 
act585Speed with EconomyPaser PublicationsKent Pasernone$24.95 
act587Standard Aircraft HandbookMcGraw-HillLarry Reithmaier9780071826792$27.00 
act590Kitplanes Magazine Issue March 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act592Kitplanes Magazine Issue February 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act598Kitplanes Magazine Issue January 2008Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act599Kitplanes Magazine Issue February 2008Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act600Kitplanes Magazine Issue January 2007Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act601Helicopter Flying HandbookFAA  $11.95H-8083-21A
act604Garmin GPSmap 695/696ZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act609Understanding Aircraft Composite ConstructionAeronaut PressZeke Smith9780964282827$29.95 
act610Understanding FlightMcGraw-HillDavid F. Anderson, Scott Eberhardt9780071626965$40.000071363777
act612Kitplanes Magazine Issue December 2006Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act614VW Aircraft Engine AssemblyO'Keefe Aero Ltd.Steve Bennett $14.95 
act615Propeller Carving The Power Tool Method   $28.95 
act616How to Master Airbrush Painting TechniquesMotorbooksJoAnn Bortles9780760323991$19.95140458AP
act618Aircraft Weight and BalanceJeppesen 9780891000969$14.9510001369-001,
act619Aircraft Weight & Balance HandbookFAA  $7.95H-8083-1A
act622Kitplanes Magazine Issue Sept 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act623Aircraft Wheels, Brakes & Antiskid SystemsJeppesen 9780891000990$16.95JS312657
act624Kitplanes Magazine Issue September 2008Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act627Peak Performance For Aerobatics Fred Delacerda9780813802534$24.95 
act628LAG Bill Ragan9781435702219$12.95 
act630Kitplanes Magazine Issue Oct 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act634Kitplanes Magazine December 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act635To Be A U.S. Naval AviatorZenith PressJay Stout9780760321638$16.95 
act636To Be a U.S. Airforce PilotZenith PressHenry Holden9780760317914$16.95 
act637Airbrush Painting Advanced TechniquesMotorbooksJoAnn Bortles9780760335031$19.95 
act638PTS - Sport PilotFAA  $6.958081-29,
act639Basic Electronics & Radio InstallationJeppesen 0884873021$14.95JS312632
act640Kitplanes Magazine Issue October 2012Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act641Facts About Spins Fred Delacerda9780813818597$24.95 
act646Kitplanes Magazine Issue November 2011Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act652Aircraft Propellers and ControlsJeppesenFrank Delp0891000976$16.95JS312651B
act654PTS - Airline Transport Pilot AirplaneFAA  $4.95S-8081-5F.7
act655PTS Private - RotorcraftFAA  $4.95S-8081-15A
act656PTS Helicopter commercial flight InstructorFAA  $4.95S-8081-16B,
act657PTS - Flight InstructorFAA  $4.95S-8081-6D
act659PTS - Flight Instructor InstrumentFAA  $4.95S-8081-9D
act670Aircraft PartnershipMcGraw-HillGeza Szurovy9780070633476$27.00 
act671Applied Aviation PhysiologyEndeavor BooksRonald W. Hansrote, Nathaniel E. Villaire9781892944153$44.95 
act673ForeFlight on the iPadZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $19.95 
act680Light Sport Aircraft Inspection ProceduresAvotekKevin Kochersberger9781933189062$24.95T-LSINPR-0101
act681Kitplanes Magazine Issue November 2012Kitplanes Magazine  $6.95 
act682Stall/Spin Awareness Rich Stowell9781879425439$29.95 
act683Emergency Maneuver Training Rich Stowell9781879425927$24.95 
act687Advanced Aircraft SystemsMcGraw-HillDavid A. Lombardo9780071628136$35.00 
act688Garmin Aera 795/796ZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act689Garmin Aera 560ZD PublishingJohn Dittmer $35.95 
act695Brave, Splendid Fools William Bacheler $15.95 
act695Brave, Splendid Fools William Bacheler $15.95 
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act707Glider Flying HandbookFAA  $21.95H-8083-13
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act733General Aviation LawMcGraw-HillJerry A. Eichenberger9780071771825$40.00 
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act830General Familiarization Boeing 737NGAeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Steve Oebermann $200.00 
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act837Powerplant Test GuideAircraft Technical Book Co. 9780983865889$14.959780983865889
act8388083-ATB Test Guides   $42.95 
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act877Airframe WorkbookAircraft Technical Book Co.Ronald Sterkenburg9780983865841$13.959780983865841
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act878Powerplant WorkbookAircraft Technical Book Co.Thomas Wild9780983865858$13.959780983865858
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act958IFR - A Structured ApproachSkyRoad ProjectsJohn C. Eckalbar9780961654450$31.45 
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act967General Familiarization Boeing 737 - 300/400/500AeroEd, Aircraft Technical Book Co.Cliff Launius, Steve Oebermann0977129748$170.00 
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act972IFR Principles and PracticeAircraft Technical Book Co.Avram Goldstein9780934754040$9.95 
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