rod machado private ekit instrument rating ekit

What are eCards?

eCards enable 3rd parties such as schools and bookstores to distribute or re-sell eBooks to their students.

Typically, eCards are custom made for a particular program for a particular school. In other words, if a class or section requires 3 books and the expected enrolment is 35 students, with your order we create 35 cards, each with unique download codes for those needed books and labeled for that class. The eCard can then be displayed and re-sold in the traditional way as the studentís alternative to printed books.

Instructions with each eCard direct the student to visit our webpage, register with Adobe (a 5 minute process) and download the set of books from that card. Once done, each book may be used on up to 6 devices which are registered to that person including Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and most Android readers. If needed, personal technical support is provided to customers by Aircraft Technical Book Company for all types of download and usage questions.

What are eKits?

Often, a studentís requirement is for more than just books. For example a flight training program might require a navigation plotter, an e6B computer, a logbook, etc. In this case, an eKit will package the appropriate eCard along with the required physical items in a single box designed for easy re-sale by a bookstore.

Other eKits which are produced and pre-stocked by Aircraft Technical Book Company include a standard selection of books and tools for various flight training programs. Examples include a complete Private Pilot kit based on Rod Machado textbooks, an Instrument rating kit based on the approved FAA curricula, or a Commercial pilots kit based on Oxford Academy textbooks.

Whether your requirements fit into a standard kit, or you need something more specific for your curricula, eCards and eKits will be greatly appreciated by your students. eBooks eliminate a studentís heavy backpack, are easy to handle, work with all Adobe functions such as search, bookmarking, and note taking, and are often a great value, especially for those who prefer the convenience and benefits of digital books.